Thursday, December 3, 2009


This weekend, the trees will be dug, and we will be shipping all orders starting Monday, December 7th, 2009. If you have already placed an order with us, you will get an email with a tracking number.

We look forward to serving you! Contact us if you have any questions!

Pecan Trees

Its been awhile since we updated here! Here is some info on the pecan trees that are now listed on the site:

Pollination: Papershell pecan trees are divided into two basic groups: protandrous and protogynous. Protandrous refers to the fact that male catkins release their pollen prior to the female flowers on that same tree maturing. Protogynous mean just the opposite; that is, the female flowers mature before the male catkins release pollen. Why this lesson in pecan tree sexuality? Because when planning your pecan tree orchard, it is essential that both protandrous and protogynous types be planted to ensure adequate pollination. The bottom line is that you want trees of both types. Sometimes these are called type I and type II pecan trees

Plant spacing: Mature pecan trees need a spacing of about 60 feet! This is because trees can sometimes reach heights of 120'. There is no known "dwarfing" rootstock for pecans, so they are all big! Considering that the 60 foot spacing is for 30 year old trees, a lot of folks start out with a smaller spacing, such as 30', and thin as the trees mature. Obviously, if you are planting just a couple of trees, you may be able to plant them at the 30' spacing.

Uses: The nut is the most famous use of the pecan tree! The oil in the nut has a number of health benefits, and provides nourishment for wildlife and people alike. There is nothing like eating fresh papershell pecans, whether just by themselves, or in a pecan pie!

Here are the varieties we have available:

Choctaw (protogynous)
Mohawk (protogynous)
Shawnee (protogynous)
Caddo (protandrous)
Shoshoni (protogynous)
Kiowa (protogynous)
Wichita (protogynous)
Cheyenne (protandrous)
Stuart (protogynous)
Mahan (protogynous)
Desirable (protandrous)
Cape Fear (protandrous)
Sumner (protogynous)
Jackson (protandrous, self-fertile!)