Monday, November 23, 2009

Native/Wildlife Trees

As we prepare to ship our fruit trees, we wanted to let everyone know that we added some native trees that can be used for wildlife plots, or just to enhance an area with native trees. We have sold some of these trees locally, mainly to folks who either like to look at deer in their yard, or who like to hunt deer. We have native American persimmon (which is the root stock of our Japanese persimmon trees), black walnut, and native pecan trees.


Probably the number 1 use of these trees by my local customers has been for deer plots. As with a lot of places in the country, this is a deer hunting area. It's pretty easy to draw wildlife by planting fairly large native trees that produce fruits or nuts. Other uses of these trees is lumber. I have taken American persimmon and native pecan lumber and had it custom milled. Talk about beautiful wood! The persimmon is a little hard, but the grain is beautiful.

The fruit and nuts of all three types of trees are also edible by humans. They have been used by native peoples for centuries. They make nice landscape trees, and provide food for you and wildlife. And they cost less than their non-native cousins.

Some folks also use them to reestablish native forests.